Plymouth School Pupils Call for the Cancellation of Haiti’s Debt

Pupils from St. Boniface’s College are pulling out all the stops for the people of Haiti, not only raising money but also calling for the cancellation of Haiti’s debt.

 The plight of the people caught up in the devastation of the Haiti earthquake moved the students and staff of St. Boniface’s Catholic College into an immediate response to raise funds for the appeal. Within a week, under the banner “Have a Heart for Haiti” a Year 7 group of boys from Vaughan House had collected £1000 from the school community giving a “kick start” to whole College fundraising.   A mufti day, Sporting Challenge, cake selling and a number of other initiatives allowed the school to present a cheque for £2, 265.00 to CAFOD’s Plymouth based south west area manager, Simon Giarchi.

 The students are also supporting CAFOD’s campaign, along with many other aid agencies, for the cancellation of Haiti’s debt and are urging people in Plymouth to sign-up to the campaign.

 As relief funds flow into Haiti, the Haitian government is still paying off $800 million to the international financial institutions. Joe Balsdon from year 7 at the school said “It will take really long time for Haiti to recover from the earthquake and it’s totally crazy to think that if we don’t act to get Haiti’s debt cancelled the Haitian people will be forced to pay massive debts instead of rebuilding their nation as quickly as possible. What would you rather do, pay off debts or rebuild you country and have somewhere to live”.

 Simon Giarchi, who is also a former pupil of the school, said: “It’s so great to see such an amazing response yet again from the community at St Boniface’s, time and time again they have responded generously through CAFOD to emergencies that have tragically happened around the world. It’s even more fantastic that the pupils are taking the lead in the city and calling for Plymouthians to ask for Haiti’s Debts to be cancelled.

 “CAFOD partners in Haiti are working with some of the most vulnerable people in the worst affected areas. The money raised will go directly to support the relief effort, distributing food, water, tents and medical help. CAFOD has worked in the area since 1970 and is there for the long-haul. The money raised will also allow CAFOD to support its partners with valuable technical assistance, such as planning and logistics for the longer term recovery”. CAFOD is part of Caritas Internationalis, the second biggest humanitarian agency in the world.

 For further information contact Simon Giarchi on Plymouth 01752 551 679 or 07920 751 180

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