CAFOD/Rwanda Partnership

On the 8th July Odette Kayirere, a CAFOD partner from Rwanda visited the Stella Maris Parish, Weymouth where the parish One World Group hosted an evening with Odette at which she gave an inspiring talk .
Photo of Odette Kayirere, Conchita Dunn and Sisters of Mercy.

Odette Kayirere, Conchita Dunn and Sisters of Mercy

This took place in St Augustine’s Hall and was well attended by supporters.

Odette described the genocide which took place in  Rwanda and which resulted in many thousands of deaths and mutilations.  Thousands of widows and orphans were left after unspeakable horrors. 

However, Odette, who was left widowed herself and who brought up her own family of 6 children, and has adopted 8 children, spoke inspiringly of positive developments working through Avego Agahozo an organisation working throughout Rwanda helping through training, and psychological support for those traumatised by the violence. 
Photo of Odette Kayirere and Father Stephen Geddes
Photo of Odette Kayirere and Father Stephen Geddes

Communities are assisted in working closely together supporting each other.  Peoples lives are being transformed and further cycles of revenge and violence are being avoided.

 CAFOD moved into Rwanda immediately after the genocide and has supported the organisation and continues to do so for the long term.  It has been difficult for Avega to obtain support from other organisations but CAFOD believes that to provide counselling, psychological advice and practical assistance is most important.  Odette paid tribute to the essential support of CAFOD.

The Stella Maris Group members work hard all year round raising funds to support this inspiring work through their parish Connect2Rwanda commitment.  In the first half of this year they have contributed generously .

In addition they have donated over £2,000 to other urgent needs including local charities.

To find out more about Connect2 Rwanda and Odette Kayirere and the works she is doing visits the CAFOD Connect2 Rwanda blog.

If you are interested in Connect2 or want to find out more about it and the countries it is available in please visits the CAFOD Connect 2 Website

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