Choosing a CONNECTION – St Augustine’s parish vote for their Connect2 country.

Hagos on his farm after the drought

Hagos on his farm after the drought

Parishioners from St Augustine’s, parish in St Austell have chosen to connect in solidarity with the people of Adigrat diocese Ethiopia though the Connect2 Ethiopia program.

 The Justice & Peace group at St Augustine’s parish wrote the following article for us.

“In our parish, the Justice & Peace Group looks after CAFOD. As a group, we were keen to support CONNECT 2 but didn’t feel that the choice of country should be made by a small unelected group.

With the wholehearted support of our Parish Priest we therefore organised a parish election – it was a ‘shot in the dark’ and we had no idea how well it would be supported.

The event was spread over three week-ends – on the first one we put a small paragraph in the newsletter and enclosed the summary leaflet about CONNECT2. The following week-end we made a presentation – in the homily slot – at all masses and stressed that the project was about  communication, understanding and solidarity rather than just another fund-raising venture. We also mounted a display and set out 6 boxes, one labelled for each country, with a dish of buttons, inviting parishioners to put a button in the box of their choice. We also put out the more detailed leaflets about the individual countries.

Parishioners from St Augustine’s voting for Connect2 Country

Parishioners from St Augustine’s voting for Connect2 Country

That week-end 171 parishioners voted and a number took leaflets to consider their choice;  the following week a further 72 voted making a total of 243  – a high proportion of our total mass attendance.We were really encouraged by the level of interest and support and hope we can sustain this.”

We would like to thank the whole parish for their great support and love of CAFOD over the years.

To find out more about Connect2 Ethiopia visit the Connect2: Ethiopia website.

If you are interested in Connect2 or want to find out more about it and the countries it is available in please visits the CAFOD Connect 2 Website

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