Why not drive a CAFOD car?

Why not drive a CAFOD car!

For many years now, whenever I have been offered money by people I have taken to various appointments, I have told them it would go to CAFOD.  It is such an easy way to raise funds, and passenger’s realise they are giving to a good cause.

CAFOD car stickers were available for a long time, then for some reason were unavailable.  After a little “Nagging” (as Tony Vassallo and

Jose Cummings & her CAFOD car

Jose Cummings & her CAFOD car

Simon Giarchi will remember!) the stickers appeared again and can be obtained from CAFOD parish reps and CAFOD offices, as they also help with free advertising.  There is a long list of places I have taken people to – Masses, Choir practice, Diocesan and Deanery meetings, shopping, hospital and Doctors appointments, school fetes, carnivals, weddings, funerals(!) even CAFOD meetings!

There are times now when other people take me about, since I try not to drive in the dark, (sighs of relief from my family) so any lift I am given invites me to donate to CAFOD.

The work of CAFOD is so vital to so many people in great need; we could have a national aim to drive a CAFOD car. Why don’t you start to drive a CAFOD Car too?

Email the office (plymouth@cafod.org.uk ) or call (01752 551679) for your CAFOD car sticker and collection box.

An Article by  Jose Cummings

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