Writing Wrongs

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Writing Wrongs, Your  Part of The Big Picture


As global issues continue to dominate the media  on an almost daily basis, it is possible to feel powerless against them.


Writing Wrongs, Your  Part of The Big Picture

Becoming an MP Correspondent (MPC) with CAFOD can help you take your power back.

You really can make a difference to these issues that matter so much.


CAFOD’s MP Correspondents write to and meet with their local MP three times a year to personally reinforce CAFOD campaigns. Your local MP is your direct link to the Houses of Parliament and so  contact with them is an opportunity to have a real influence on how issues are viewed and discussed in Parliament. There are  hundreds of MPCs over the UK but your voice is important. When you sign up, CAFOD will send you a starter pack with all you need to begin.

Davis Burrowes MP says, “If a constituent says to me, “Please can you raise this issue with a  Minister, then I will do that, CAFOD (MPCs) has raised real issues of concern that prompted me, when I had the opportunity, to ask particular questions. It (writing/meeting with your MP) really does have effect.”

Don’t delay! MPCs are challenging Parliament on the Open Up The Books campaign which encourages mining and resourcing  companies in developing countries to publicise their profits to ensure that the surrounding communities have their fair share. You can help. Read more at http://www.cafod.org.uk/plymouth

Writing Wrongs, Your  Part of The Big Picture


Why not sign up to become a CAFOD MP Correspondent! Visit www.cafod.org.uk/mpc for more information and sign up to make a real difference.

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