CAFOD Lunch at Holy Ghost Exmouth

Holy Ghost at Exmouth has been involved with CAFOD lunches for many years.  At present Angie and Lorraine do the shopping and cooking with help from Jim and Jillon on the day. 
Holy Ghost CAFOD Lunch Team October 2012

Holy Ghost CAFOD Lunch Team October 2012

We (CAFOD Plymouth) would like to thank them and everyone at Holy Ghost for their support of CAFOD. 

On average attendance ranges from 14 to 25 and they have regulars who come every month.  The day starts with a Mass at 11.30 with the lunch following after.

The CAFOD Lunch originally took place on a Friday but it was moved to a Thursday, much to the to the appreciation ofthe members of the Union of Catholic Mothers, who hold their meeting on  Thursdays. Now many of the members have lunch before the meeting.

The lunches are open to Catholic and non Catholics and it was one of their non Catholic ladies who wrote the following poem about the lunches for Poetry Day which rather conveniently fell on same day as the lunches.

The Poem
Here we are gathered for the Cafod lunch
Really quite an eclectic bunch
Everyone sitting in their place
Waiting for Tony to say Grace
We’re here to aid people Overseas
(Margaret, please pass the peas)
Crispy potatoes, veg and roast.
We really should give the cooks a Toast.
Maureen is living in a dream
Hoping the pudding is covered in cream!
Followed by tea and coffee for all
(some elderly ladies will make a call – )
Then it’s goodbye, cheerio and see you
in November –
and hopefully again in December.

Everyone really enjoyed listening to the and had a good laugh afterwards, with everyone looking forward to the next lunch.

Can you and your parish do something similar, contact CAFOD Plymouth office to get support and assistance in setting up a similar event.

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