Candlelight Funds: a commemoration of faith, love and compassion

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I joined the Candlelight Team this August and from day one I’ve been bowled over by the amazing kindness of the families who support our work in memory of a loved one.

Thanks to our Candlelight Fund families nearly £650,000 has been raised in recent years to bring about a brighter future for communities living in poverty.

As I’ve learnt more about the stories of those commemorated and the ways in which their families and friends support the funds, I’ve been humbled and inspired by people’s determination to create something positive out of their heartbreak.

About the author: Hannah Caldwell is CAFOD’s Candlelight Funds Officer. You can contact her at or phone for a chat on 020 7095 5348.

This October I had the great pleasure of visiting the home of one of our dedicated Candlelight families, the Haywards, to attend their afternoon tea event raising money in memory…

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