Philippines typhoon: food and shelter

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Mulvarosa Pibilra Perote is one of more than 500 survivors of Typhoon Haiyan who are taking shelter in a seminary in Tacloban city. The building has been turned into an evacuation centre, where CAFOD and its partners are delivering aid.

Mulvarosa, a 57-year-old grandmother, was at home when the storm hit, along with five of her children and three grandchildren.

“We were all very frightened,” she says. “We thought we were going to die. The children were crying. We were holding on to whatever we could. Many people died in our neighbourhood, including seven in just one family.”

Some of Mulvarosa’s relatives remain missing, including her nephew, his wife and their nine-month-old baby.

“Nobody knew to expect the waves,” says Mulvarosa. “My nephew’s family lived by the coast. I told him to move, but he didn’t listen. We’re still looking for them.”

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