Robert’s cross words for CAFOD…..

….or is that Crosswords?

When Robert Brandenburg returned to England (having lived in Spain for many years) he discovered he had time on his hands AND a gift for compiling Crosswords.

Encouraged by fellow parishioner in the Church of the Most Precious Blood (Sidmouth) Robert put pen to paper, came up with a number of Crossword puzzles, spoke nicely to the parish secretary (who did the printing) and ‘Robs Crossword Book’ was produced – with all the proceeds going to CAFOD.

Crosswords for CAFOD

Crosswords for CAFOD

Robert has just produced the ‘Second Edition’ of 10 Crosswords puzzles and you can download a copy of Robs Crossword for yourself, or you might like to sell it locally. Robert suggests a donation of £2 for each booklet.

Please send all proceeds to:
CAFOD Plymouth
St.Boniface House
Newton Abbot
TQ13 7JL

If you want to get involved in fundraising with CAFOD we would love to hear from you! Just contact: Simon Giarchi (Diocesan Manager) or Conchita Dunn (Diocesan Officer) on:
Telephone: 01364 645440

For more information about CAFOD’s work please visit:

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