Filipino Community cultural fundraiser; three months after Typhoon Haiyan

Three months on from the devastating effects of Typhoon Haiyan the people from Launceston were treated to a special cultural fundraising event to support the survivors.

Traditional dance

Traditional dance

The event was organised by members of the Filipino Community including Merlyn McGuire, Adrian Rabara, Liezle Callanga and Dina Silvestre.  Supporters were treated to a  Fashion Show and a Dinner Dance with traditional Filipino food.

Merlyn with Mayor & Mayoress Councillor Dave Gordon

Merlyn with Mayor & Mayoress Councillor Dave Gordon

Merlyn said: “We wanted to thank people who have already made a difference to peoples’ lives through their donations by sharing some of the spirit and colour of the Philippines and also ask for their continued support to help them rebuild their lives.

“I’m going to the Philippines next month with my niece, my daughter and my husband to visit some relief operations provided by the Catholic Church. I will let the people there know of the wonderful support of the people in Devon and Cornwall and bring back news of how the money is being used.”

You can donate to our Typhoon Haiyan appeal by visiting: or by calling: 0500 85 88 85

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