‘One Climate One World’ Campaign Launch

CAFOD’s new Climate Change campaign ‘One Climate One World’ is set to launch here in the Diocese of Plymouth on 25th October at Buckfast Abbey.

One Climate One World Campaign Launch 25 October - Poster

The half day event will run from 1pm – 5pm and will finish  with the vigil Mass of Sunday celebrated by Abbot David.

God has given us an abundant world to tend and share. Yet all over the world we can see how we have failed to protect our planet. Many are suffering from  frequent and extreme floods, storms, or droughts, pushing the most vulnerable people further into poverty.

Out of love for our sisters and brothers worldwide,

we are called to respond. 

This event can help  you to do just that.


Jesy Romero and Adan Samuel

Jesy Romero and Adan Samuel

We are delighted that Abbot David Charlesworth of Buckfast and two of CAFOD’s partners from Peru, Jesy Romero and Adan Samuel, are joining the CAFOD Campaigns team to launch the new campaign in our diocese.

If you are interested in the campaign why not come along and bring a friend or why not arrange a group from your Parish of school to come along?

Please let us know if you coming if you can, but if you don’t and still want to come please do come and join us on 25th October anyway!

If you would like a poster for the event, more information or to let us know you intend to join us please do contact us at the office.

plymouth@cafod.org.uk                   01364 645 440

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