Speak up for CAFOD Christ the King Primary School

Christ the king primary school

Christ the King Primary School

Pupils relax with the VIP’s after the presentation of speeches entitled “Speak up for CAFOD and the Climate Change Campaign,” 2015.

Year 5, aged 9 to 10 years old, researched CAFOD, (the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development,) climate change, understood the science and then wrote a speech to give to the public.

The best 5 speeches were delivered to an audience of years 3, 4, 5 and 6, with VIPs. They were Representatives of the Charity, Father Muir Parish priest, Councillor Denis Gritt and PPC Conor Burns and parents. Conor Burns kindly awarded presents to the One Climate One World Primary Campaign Posterbest speakers.

Thanks go to the head teacher, Clare Tickel for all support given to CAFOD. Special thanks go to Mr. Keane and year 5 for all their incredible work. Bea Taylor, CAFOD Education Volunteer, Plymouth Diocese.

Winning pupils Ava C and Megan gave an inspirational speech, here is their transcript:

“Speak up for CAFOD and the Climate Change Campaign.

Hello everyone and welcome to our assembly and a special welcome to our very important guests. I am Ava and this is Megan and we are very excited to give our speech for CAFOD and climate change. First CAFOD means the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development and it is one of the big 5 charities in England.  CAFOD helps struggling and mistreated people in over 40 countries overseas, called the Global South.  The charity works with the poor who don’t earn enough and have issues with poverty.

They also work with aid in emergencies. CAFOD is now helping people to prepare for weather emergencies.

In The UK CAFOD raises money, educates and campaigns to raise awareness of issues.

CAFOD is concerned about climate change because disasters affect poor people most.

What is climate change?

In this world’s atmosphere there is natural Carbon dioxide or CO2. Human actions are creating much more of it though burning fossil fuels. Gradually the CO2 in the atmosphere is acting to make a warmer blanket around us. This is called global warming.

So what on earth has happened?

The planet’s temperature has risen. The ice caps are melting. And that raises the Sea (water) levels and causes flooding.

Climate and weather are changing.

There are more natural disasters like lack of rain, crops dying, animals dying, people have no food and when it does rain on this land the water can’t sink in the soil and there are floods.   

Megan reads the speech she co-wrote with Ava

Megan reads the speech she co-wrote with Ava

 There is more extreme weather, like the terrible Cyclone Nargis that hit Myanmar in Asia in 2008. It killed fish stocks, destroyed crops and homes,  blew trees down and some lost their lives.

CAFOD is helping Zin Thu Thu and all of her community in Myanmar. Zin is 8 years old lives with her 1 brother and 5 sisters and parents.

At Zin Thu Thu’s school, she and her friends have learned how to pack their emergency bags which they take to school every day in case of another storm.

For food after a disaster, there is a rice bank where rice is stored safely in case crops are destroyed.                                                                                      

Everyone in their village drill their response to an emergency regularly.

CAFOD paid £50 to train Zin Thu Thu’s teacher to go back to her community and tell them how to be safe.                                                                                         

CAFOD campaigns about climate change because we believe as Catholics we are responsible for our actions and we, that is CAFOD and us, take responsibility for the Global South as well.                                          

Support for CAFOD has helped Sinteyo and her neighbours find a way out of poverty through a greenhouse project which uses a solar-powered pump to water tomato plants they can grow and sell, so they don’t have to rely on the erratic rains.

Support for CAFOD has helped Sinteyo and her neighbours find a way out of poverty through a greenhouse project which uses a solar-powered pump to water tomato plants they can grow and sell, so they don’t have to rely on the erratic rains.

It is God’s world and we should take care of it. It is unique and perfect so we should respect it and make it last.

What can we do as a Community?

We can all help and get involved in CAFOD. We all can’t go to Myanmar and start doing drills with them, but we can and do fundraise to raise money for CAFOD. We could have a cake sale or anything to raise money.

Also becoming a Fair trade school would help. When we buy Fair trade, some of the cost goes back to the farmer’s community. This means there is money for them to use in any emergencies.

If we can’t do that we can all pray together.

I bet now and again any one of us will leave the tap running or the lights on! We must be careful with our resources.

We can try to remember to reduce, reuse, recycle and be more mindful of the environment.

What can I do? I can be mindful and take responsibility for my actions, like remembering to take my rubbish home and not drop it on the street, or eat all my food and waste nothing or switch off standbys!  I can persuade my parents to buy Fair Trade, I’ve got pester power!

In conclusion, CAFOD helps people in the Global South. Many of these need help because of climate change.

CAFOD does an extraordinary job.

What can you do to help these peoples? Thank you for listening.”

The team at CAFOD Plymouth can’t thank the young people and staff at Christ the King enough for all their support and inspirational speeches. Well done everyone, and don’t forget to keep sharing your fantastic hope for our world each and every day. Thanks also to our amazing volunteer Bea Taylor, without volunteers like Bea we couldn’t achieve as much as we do!

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