Fantastic Afternoon Tea

Tea Afternoon Linda Escott 6

Despite May 2015 being known for cold, windy weather, the CAFOD Tea Afternoon at 1 North View Hill Bideford, was a great success.  16th May was warm, sunny and breezy. There were bunting, flowers and CAFOD streamers to decorate the garden. Tables and chairs were set out together with the cake, plant, bric-a-brac and craft stalls, and a raffle. The crafts had been started after Christmas, the cakes a couple of days before, and our fantastic volunteer Linda Escott made 144 scones on the day, starting very early.

Tea Afternoon Linda Escott 3

The kitchen helpers wore French maids’ aprons, or dinner jacket aprons, just for the fun of it, and were kept very busy serving cream teas but managed to chat to and greet everyone. Posters around the house showed people what CAFOD is all about. When it was all over  the remaining cakes  were sold (there were loads of them) after Mass and after the walking group. The remaining stools and cushions from the crafts were sold to local interiors shop, Artezane. £875 was raised and was sent CAFOD on the 19th May.

Cafod Linda Escott Tea Afternoon may 2015 Tea Afternoon Linda Escott Tea Afternoon Linda Escott 4

      HUGE thanks to all our fantastic helpers and supporters ! ! !



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