From Paris to Dorset, with love


CAFOD volunteers at green hearts making workshop

Bernard with Dorset volunteers



 Active CAFOD volunteer Bernard White, returns to Dorset to speak to other volunteers about his experiences in Paris and attend a green hearts making workshop to raise awareness of the ‘Show the love’ campaign.

Last December, Bernard travelled with CAFOD to the International Climate Change Conference in Paris. Alongside campaigners from across the world, he lobbied Prime Minister David Cameron and other world leaders to take action on climate change.

Bernard is now raising awareness of climate change and its effects locally and overseas by joining the ‘Show the Love’ initiative. This is a scheme run by the Climate Coalition, a group of more than 100 organisations including CAFOD and groups such as the Women’s Institute, that are committed to limiting the impact of climate change on the world’s poorest people.

Volunteer making a green heart

Bernard with Dorset volunteers


Last Saturday, Bernard gave a talk to local CAFOD supporters, telling them about his experiences in Paris. The group then took part in a green hearts making workshop to ‘Show the love’ for creation, which they will wear for Valentine’s day and share on social media.

I was privileged enough to catch up with Bernard and chat to him about his time in Paris, what he loved most about the Dorset environment and what inspired him to begin campaigning.

Bernard said:

“I am in South Dorset, I like it all; the beach, rolling hillside, lots of areas of green and rivers, it is all really lovely – especially when the sun shines.

Man holding a sign saying 'one climate, one world'

Bernard with Dorset volunteers



“I have been involved in CAFOD for 13 years, I saw CAFOD campaign for the environment and how it effects the poorest people so I got involved in campaigning. Last year, I read Laudato Si’, the way Pope Francis spoke about the environment as being parts of God’s creation was inspiring.

“In Paris, when we gathered behind the Eiffel tower it was inspirational, to be part of a large group of like-minded people, protesting the government was really fulfilling. CAFOD supporters like me will be campaigning to see that they do.

“People made green hearts to promote awareness of climate change and ‘Show the love’ of creation and I think the green hearts give life to the message.”

You too can get involved in the green hearts campaign to ‘Show your love’ for creation, by making your own hearts, wearing it on Valentine’s Day and sharing pictures on social media.

To find out more, visit

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