Torquay Volunteer Skydives for Lent Appeal


Brian getting ready for his Skydive

The Lent Fast Day appeal began in the 1960s and from humble beginnings, the annual appeal was born. There have been lots of events going on across the Plymouth diocese to raise money for the Lent campaign to ‘turn on the taps’ and provide clean and safe water across the world.

The events have ranged from Lent Lunches to some more adventurous fundraising events. Brian Bailey from Torquay is planning a 15,000ft skydive for his seventieth birthday to raise money for the Lent appeal.

On April 9, Brian is planning to celebrate his seventieth birthday with a charity skydive to raise money for CAFOD’s Lent Appeal. In an added boost, his fundraising efforts will be doubled by the UK Government’s Department for International Development up until May.

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Brian has been volunteering for CAFOD for many years and alongside his wife Teresa, they help to lead their parish CAFOD group in their church in Abbey Road, Torquay. Brian has already received support from his parish, the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady and the school, Queensway R.C. Primary School.

I was lucky enough to speak to Brain about his birthday skydive, fundraising and volunteering:

Lent appeal

‘Turning on the taps’

“It was now or never, I wanted to celebrate my birthday by doing something I have never tried before and I also wanted to celebrate the work that CAFOD is doing for people across the world so I thought I would combine the two.

“I have been volunteering for CAFOD for six or seven years but I wanted to try something different and step up to the plate and do something myself.

“We own a caravan and on a sunny day, you can look up in the sky and see parachutes. One clear day, I saw where they were coming from and I thought, why not do that for CAFOD? I have never been afraid of heights but I have never been up that high!

“I planned the skydive for mid-summer but when I found out about the Government’s match funding, I decided to bring the skydive forward so our fundraising efforts will be doubled. I hope to raise £1000.”

Donate to Brian’s Skydive at

The money raised from Brian’s adrenaline fuelled birthday will enable the taps to be turned on across the world by repairing or providing water pumps and training in order to maintain them. It will also fund hygiene programmes, education in sanitation and the building of latrines. Matched funds from the UK Government will enable access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene programmes to over 300,000 people in Uganda, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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    From water challenges to community lunches, there are a plethora of ways to help make a difference for CAFOD during Lent. It is not every day, though, that someone decides to jump out of a plane. Here, we meet one volunteer who is planning on going the extra 15,000 feet for CAFOD.


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