Brian’s Skydive Success

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During our Lent Appeal, people all over England and Wales joined together to fundraise and help people in some of the world’s poorest communities to access water. One Torquay Parishioner, Brian Bailey, heard the call to ‘turn on the taps’ and decided to do a skydive which raised over £3,000 for the Lent Appeal.

Brian has been supporting CAFOD for over six years and, alongside his wife Teresa, helps lead his CAFOD group at the Assumption of our Lady parish in Torquay.

When he heard about this year’s Lent appeal, he wanted to do something different. One day, he looked up to the sky and saw people parachuting down.


Ready to jump! 

He said:

“It was now or never. I wanted to celebrate my seventieth birthday year by doing something I have never tried before and I also wanted to celebrate the work that CAFOD is doing for people across the world so I thought I would combine the two.”

On 9 April, Brian travelled to the skydive, accompanied by friends, family and Teresa.

Teresa said:

“Around Midday, Brian boarded the plane and went up to do his skydive. It was so well organised and safely done but despite it being pretty safe, it was so brave and courageous, I certainly couldn’t do it!”

Although Brian was slightly nervous for the Skydive, it was an experience he fully enjoyed and will never forget.



Brian said:

“We had a briefing and it was so safe. When you are in the plane, you shuffle forwards and fall out. When you are on your knees shuffling towards nothing, you worry but after the first few hair-raising seconds that you sit back and enjoy it. ‘Awesome’ is the only way I can describe it.”

After hearing about Brian’s courageous skydive people from all across the country contacted Brian to send his messages of luck and congratulations. Brian’s local Parish, family, friends and the local Primary school, Queensway, ran fundraising events, raising over £1,000. Supporters across the UK, many of whom had never met Brian, donated over £1,890 to his skydive and the Lent Appeal.

Brian said:

“The support has knocked me for six, I am really amazed. I want to say a huge thank you, it is amazing so much was raised by people I didn’t know. It really took me by surprise, it was fantastic for the whole period, so, a huge thank you to everyone for their generosity.”

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