Power to the People!

Bernard White and Caroline Flint MP

Bernard White and Caroline Flint MP

As part of the Power to the People campaign, volunteers from all over the country joined together on the 27 April in London met MPs in the houses of parliament and discuss Climate issues with the Nick Hurd MP, Development Minister.

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Bernard White, MP correspondent, from Devon, attended the day and has written a report:

“I, and many other CAFOD MP correspondents, was able to attend the meeting with MPs and others in Mr Speaker’s rooms in the Houses of Parliament on 27 April 2016.

“The Speaker, John Bercow, welcomed us warmly and said some extremely supportive words about CAFOD in general, and our “Power to the People” campaign in particular. He was able to share with us some personal experiences in Uganda where he saw how a solar powered water pump substantially changed the lives of girls from a highland village who no longer had to fetch and carry water up a steep climb from a river for several hours a day.

“Mr Speaker’s enthusiasm for CAFOD’s work was echoed by Lord Deben, formerly John Gummer MP, who is chairman of the UK’s independent Committee on Climate Change. Lord Deben was passionate that we should get involved and take action if we want to change anything which is a message for us all reflecting our Gospel values.

“You can watch part of Nick Hurd’s (DFID minister in this area) talk to us in response to your many e mails and petitions about giving “Power to the People”, if you go to the CAFOD web site, you can also still send an e-mail to him. 

“Nick Hurd’s words are a tremendous incentive to all CAFOD’s volunteers and supporters to become an MP Correspondent if you are not one already. Their work can be so effective in achieving CAFOD’s aims and objectives.”

by Bernard White

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