My Experience as a Campaign Volunteer

Man holding a sign saying 'one climate, one world'

Bernard in Paris at the Climate Conference

Bernard White has written a special report about his volunteering experiences as a Campaign volunteer.

I volunteer in Campaigns, working with Simon Giarchi in the Plymouth diocese, with the rather grandiose title of Campaigns Coordinator for the diocese.

CAFOD volunteers at green hearts making workshop

Bernard with Doreset volunteers as part of the ‘Green Hearts Campaign’

I have been volunteering with CAFOD since mid 2003, as a parish contact but also with a special interest in campaigning. When I lived in Croydon, I carried out the Campaigns Coordinator role for the Southwark diocese, transferring to Plymouth about three and a half years ago.

I have a certain sense of justice which makes me want to help those who are poor or vulnerable or both. I joined CAFOD following a talk local by a CAFOD person about debt relief, and CAFOD was involved in pretty much everything which concerned me.

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Bernard White and Caroline Flint MP

Bernard at a recent meeting of MPs

I suppose the most positive aspect of volunteering is experiencing doing things which I believe will make a difference, and persuading other people to do the same.

There are two different aspects of volunteering which stand out for me. The first is having collected signatures or other forms of recordable support when we have asked a group of people for it, say after a talk at mass or in a school. The second is participating in a joint action such as marching through Copenhagen in 2010 or London for climate change action or lobbying my MP in parliament.

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