Afternoon Tea in Bideford


enjoying Afternoon Tea 

During National Volunteers Week, we are celebrating our amazing volunteers. There are some many different volunteer roles wihin CAFOD from volunteer who write to their MPs, to those who speak at mass and those who educate the young at schools. One of the ways that our volunteers make a huge impact is by organising fun events, to involve their local community and raise money for some of the most remote communities in the world.

One such event was an Afternoon Tea held in Bideford, although the weather didn’t exactly go to plan, everybody still had an amazing time and raised lots of money for CAFOD.

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Shopping at the Stalls 

Linda Ethna Escott said:

“Who knew that rain could fall so hard on the dot of 2 o’clock in Bideford! Just as we were beginning our CAFOD tea afternoon the heavens opened, deluging an already damp day. We were so disappointed but needn’t have been for the stoic folk who had been invited, came, some seriously wet but enthusiastic.

“After all the months of crafting and planning, days of cooking and working the event was still a great success, despite the weather. Our gazebo was busy all afternoon with a few brave souls enjoying their cream tea, cake and other goodies out there. But most of us were inside buying from the craft, bric a brac and cake stalls; eating, chatting and squeezing past the crowds.


Enjoying the day

“Outside under the covered area the books and plants were not quite as popular as usual but we still made lots of money, £919 in fact!

“Linda and Richard were delighted with the result and were very grateful to all who attended, helped and donated.

Linda’s new mantra is “It is not about the weather. It is about the people”

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