My experiences as an Office Volunteer

james ronanJames Ronan has written a special piece reflecting on volunteering in CAFOD’s office in Plymouth, you can read the first instalment today which is about how James came to volunteer with CAFOD and his first day in the office.  

I first got involved in CAFOD’s work in 2010 when CAFOD parish contact Gillian Mill asked me to get involved and become another parish representative in Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Tavistock.

Over the past six years of being a CAFOD volunteer in Tavistock I have helped raise over £7,000 in church and have seen my parish flourish in supporting and providing CAFOD events (Humanitarian Donation Response, CAFOD Lent and Harvest Suppers and even an appearance from our Local MP!)

In 2014-2015 I took a year out after my second year of my Geography Degree at Plymouth University to work as a volunteer in CAFOD Plymouths office, which at that time was located at St Boniface House.

james ronan2

James at a fundraising event 

The work I undertook focused on engaging CAFOD supporter communities through fundraising and campaigning initiatives and amplifying CAFODs vital media and social media work. As part of this I was helping CAFOD Plymouth reach out to the Catholic community and beyond through the (CAFOD Plymouth Blog, Facebook and Twitter Pages) as well as supporting CAFOD Plymouth volunteers and parish contacts throughout Devon and Cornwall. Learn more about the different volunteering roles 

I remember very well the first day of working in the CAFOD Plymouth office. The office was situated in a very beautiful barn which had been converted into the Plymouth Diocesan Offices. On my first day as a volunteer CAFOD Plymouth manager Simon Giarchi introduced me to all the departments that were resided in the building and everyone I met was very friendly and welcoming which helped me a great deal.

Working in the office was incredible! I cannot really describe the feeling I got from working with the CAFOD Plymouth staff Simon Giarchi and Lindsey Carter. Throughout my entire year working with Simon and Lindsey there was a lot of hard work which was always conducted in good humour.

Read the rest of James Report tomorrow in which he tells us about how he harnessed his creativity when he was volunteering and the next chapter of his life. 


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