Volunteers hear the story of Nicanora and how CAFOD is working in Bolivia this Harvest

Volunteers learn about how CAFOD's Harvest fundraising will help farmers in Bolivia

Volunteers gather to hear the story of Nicanora and to learn about how CAFOD will be helping people transform how they grow their food in the Bolivian Altiplano.

Tania Dalton, Communications Officer for CAFOD’s Latin America programme tells us about her visit to CAFOD volunteers in Exeter and Plymouth in advance of Harvest Fast Day 2016.

Last week I had the chance to visit CAFOD volunteers in Exeter and Plymouth as they geared up for Harvest Fast Day 2016.  We talked about Nicanora in Bolivia, who features on our Fast Day poster this year, and her hopes as she and her family embark on a Hands On journey towards living well from more productive farming.

Find out more about Harvest Fast Day and our regular giving scheme Hands On.

The agenda was packed, and I’m sure we all came away inspired by different elements of it.  For my part, I loved hearing updates from your different parishes about all that you have been doing on social justice, climate campaigning, faith reflection and fundraising with CAFOD; and hearing you look ahead to activities like a pilgrimage in solidarity with refugees later this year.  Your dedication and enthusiasm are awesome.

I know that our partners and people in the communities overseas always enjoy hearing about the things CAFOD supporters do, and the love that your actions express.  So don’t forget to send photos and updates from your parishes to the CAFOD Plymouth team!

Thank you for such a warm welcome in Exeter and Plymouth.  And here is a Harvest Thank You from our Bolivia Programme Officer, Nikki Evans:

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