Laudato Si’ Week 2020

Invitation to take part in Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’ Week – 16-24 May 2020

Laudato Si’ Week 2020

Five years on Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si’, remains a profound invitation to everyone on the planet to care for our common home. To mark the fifth anniversary of its publication, Pope Francis has invited us all to participate in Laudato Si’ week from 16-24 May 2020 and take action to care for creation.

Laudato Si’ Week is sponsored by the Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development and is intended to encourage Catholic communities to take bolder actions for creation during the week-long initiative. Here in the Diocese of Plymouth, Bishop Mark, CAFOD and Caritas Plymouth invite you all to take part in this important week in the diocese.

In his original message inviting us to celebrate the anniversary of Laudato Si’, Pope Francis asks ‘What kind of world do we want to leave to those who come after us, to our children’. He invites us to reflect on the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor during the social and ecological crises we are living through.  The current Coronavirus crisis a huge reminder of how our world is broken but as Pope Francis has said it gives us the opportunity to reimagine how we might reshape the world that will arise after the pandemic has passed.

Laudato Si’ tells us that “everything is connected” and tragically, this health catastrophe has much in common with today’s ecological and social crisis.

  1. Both are global emergencies that will affect many people, both directly and indirectly.
  2. Both are experienced most deeply by the poor and vulnerable, and both expose the deep injustices in our societies.
  3. Both will be solved only through a united effort that calls on the best of the values we share.

The present Coronavirus crisis is an opportunity to start anew and to make sure that the world that arises after this crisis has passed is sustainable and just.

CAFOD Plymouth and Caritas Plymouth have put together some resources for Laudato Si’ Week, that gives people to opportunity to find out more and take part in the week. We want to celebrate the good work already happening in our Diocese and will share some great contributions from our schools and parishes during the anniversary week. We are delighted that Bishop Mark has kindly recorded a video for the week that will be premiered on Saturday 16 May on the Diocesan YouTube channel Click here to set a reminder or to watch it.

Please check our social media accounts for updates throughout the week @CAFODplymouth on Twitter, and our blog:, as well as the diocesan accounts: @PlymouthDiocese and

Highlights for the week include:

Saturday 16 May, 10am Premiere: Bishop Mark O’Toole’s Talk on YouTube – ‘Our Common Home and Care for the Vulnerable’

On this video Bishop Mark leads the diocese to reflect on the fifth anniversary of Pope Francis’ inspirational letter ‘Laudato Si’. (also available to watch later via the same link).

Tuesday, 19 May 11am-12pm  Laudato Si’ Week – CAFOD Volunteer Prayer and Chat

All are welcome to join CAFOD Volunteers to reflect on passages on Laudato Si’led by our diocesan CAFOD Coordinator Simon Giarchi and Francis Stewart from CAFOD’s Theology Team.

Wednesday, 20 May 6-7pm

Laudato Si’ Week – Vigil Mass for Ascension Thursday with CAFOD’s Chair of Trustees: Bishop John Arnold

Join together in solidarity and prayer to celebrate a special Vigil Mass for Ascension Thursday during Laudato Si’ week, streamed live from Salford Cathedral.

Saturday 23 May

YouTube premiere Canon John Deeny VG will close the week with a video talk to the diocese. Link to come.

Also the official Laudato Si’ Week website site has an inspirational video from Pope Francis and an international programme for the week that all can get involved with, as well as a guide for people to use in order to reflect on Laudato Si’ to encourage people to ‘see, judge, act’ and looks at some of the key elements of Laudato Si’ and to reflect on the encyclical in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic.

We invite everone to engage in this international week, as well as engaging with our in our diocesan and national inputs above we encourage those that wish to use and share the Laudato Si’ Week prayer and to take time to use the international resources to reflect on Care for Our Common Home in its widest sense – including the challenges now being faced by our brothers and sisters, both here and in developing countries as a result of the social and ecological crisis and the Coronavirus pandemic we are living through.  

“Love, overflowing with small gestures of mutual care, is also civic and political, and it makes itself felt in every action that seeks to build a better world. Social love is the key to authentic development. In this framework, along with the importance of little everyday gestures, social love moves us to devise larger strategies to halt environmental degradation and to encourage a ‘culture of care’ which permeates all of society.” (Laudato Si’, 231).

Huge thank you for all of our fantastic volunteers

To all of our fantastic volunteers,

Sending you all of our huge thanks for all of your fantastic volunteering with CAFOD here in the Diocese of Plymouth – Truly you have transformed many lives and acted in true partnership and solidarity of our sisters and brothers around the world…

Watch this video from Geoff O’Donoghue, CAFOD’s Director of Operations, saying thank you and wishing you every blessing from CAFOD and the communities enabled in the 40 countries in which we work in:




All Power to Be workshop at Christ the King School.

Today, Rowena a CAFOD Education volunteer in training, joined Bea at CTK. Our Brief was to get the children to make a large poster of messages to the World Bank about alternative energy investments.CTK 23rd June 2017 powere to be 023.JPG

After an assembly where the children learned about how putting solar panels in a school, clinic and internet cafe, and a solar pump on the water supply changed the lives of many in a district in Kenya, we discussed the importance of solar power.

They learned that the global North mostly benefits from renewable energies. However, we learnt that the technology has become so good, that it is not as expensive to install as it was 10 years ago. It has also become more efficient and now can be stored in banks of batteries.

Our brothers and sisters in the Global South can benefit from these improvements. CAFOD and her partners are installing solar power in communities in need and making a big difference. CAFOD feels using this technology is far less polluting than energy produced from fossil fuels, like paraffin lanterns and petrol driven generators for those who could afford them.

Children from year 2 learnt they could send a message to the Global North and wrote their say on “rays” to go on the sun poster.

One child wrote, “Why aren’t solar-power systems free for the Global South?

Everyone, teachers and children alike wrote their messages and we made 4 posters.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Year 6 pupils, Shiarna, Emilia, Luis and Callum stayed to talk about their experience with the workshop.

Luis said “It’s important that the global South gets to use solar energy”

The others were impressed with having their say for those without a voice, and sending the message to the world.

Emilia said, “We got to say what we think”

Callum chimed in, “It’s good to express my opinion”

Many thanks everyone, Love and God Bless, Bea

We are sure that you are absolutely inspired by fantastic pupils of Christ The King, and want to take part in the campaign yourself. Click here to take actions online or view and order material to run your own campaign action in your community.