Bags of Ideas and Growing Fundraising at St. Mary and St. George parish Totnes

Plants on the way to CAFOD Stall

St. Mary and St. George have raised over £400 since lent this year.  Recently they have done a sponsored slim, plant stall and are hoping to start a fruit and veg box over summer, all in aid of CAFOD.

I am sure all reading this like ourselves are inspired by this fantastic fundraising.  So why not get involved yourself,  are you or do you know any budding slimmer’s or people with green fingers or other creative talents together you can make a real difference to lives of our sisters and brothers around the world and put your faith into action. It does not need to be anything complicated a simple stall at the back of church with an honhesty box will do.

CAFOD Bags and Plants

For more information and support contact the CAFOD Plymouth volunteer centre on 01752 268768 or


Wool Chartered Accountant returns from campaigning in Paris following climate change deal

 Bernard White & CAFOD camapigners at COP21 Paris

One of our fantastic Key Volunteers and retired chartered accountant, Bernard White, has returned even more inspired to campaign with CAFOD after travelling to Paris to call for world leaders to tackle climate change at UN COP21 Conference.


Bernard White, 69, who is CAFOD Plymouth’s volunteer Campaign Coordinator was in the French capital between Wednesday 9 December until Sunday 13 December with representatives of more than 190 countries gathered in the city to agree action for tackling climate change. Bernard travelled for the end of the talks with CAFOD and other dedicated campaigners to call for an agreement to prevent the changing climate from pushing people deeper into poverty.

Whilst in Paris Bernard joined other Catholic campaigners from different continents who travelled to Paris following a letter from Pope Francis which calls for the protection of people and our planet. Bernard and his fellow campaigners visited the conference centre where negotiations were taking place and sent a message to UK Energy Secretary Amber Rudd to say they were waiting for a deal. Bernard later took part in a demonstration with thousands of people near the Eiffel Tower as negotiations reached their tense final hours.


Bernard said:


Pope Francis says in his encyclical, Laudato Si:

“Climate change is a global problem with grave implications: environmental, social, economic, political …… It represents one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day…..”

I agree with that wholeheartedly. I had to go to Paris to do what I could to get an agreement to meet the challenge head on.”


The Paris Agreement is being hailed as the start of a new era of action on climate change, committing countries to limit the rise in temperatures and signalling the transition away from fossil fuels. The Agreement also states the link between climate change and its impact upon people in the world’s poorest communities and the responsibility of richer nations to financially support countries most vulnerable to adapt to the effects of the changing climate.

Bernard said: “Climate change is already pushing people deeper into poverty, governments who made commitments under the agreement must now set about meeting them. CAFOD supporters like me will be campaigning to see that they do.”

Huge thanks to Bernard for all of his inspiration support and inspiration!

Find out more about the Paris agreement

Join Bernard & stand in solidarity with poor communities by campaigning with CAFOD

St Mary & St Joseph’s Primary Super-Sale

Friday the 13th November was an exciting day for years 4 and 6 at St Mary and St Joseph’s School, Wool.

The amazing cake stall by Year 4 at St Mary and St Joseph’s Primary School.

The amazing cake stall by pupils at St Mary and St Joseph’s Primary School.

Year 6 approached their teachers with the idea of a sale.  They then organised and manufactured loom band for them to be sold to the rest of the school. Team members from other year ran a book stall, several games as well as a raffle.  Year 4’s had a successful (and scrummy) cake stall too.

Bea Taylor our fantastic School Volunteer who attended the event said

“It was such a pleasure to see the children working to raise funds for CAFOD, Children in Need and a local charity. The older children were outstanding with their help for the younger pupils guiding them around and helping them with their purchases. Well done everyone.”

A huge thank you to all the children and staff for all their amazing and inspirational support, the money raised will transform the lives of many people through the work of CAFOD.