CAFOD searching for volunteers to bring message of social justice to next generation

School volunteering.

CAFOD works in schools across the Diocese of Plymouth.

CAFOD is seeking to recruit enthusiastic School Volunteers in Plymouth who are passionate about telling our stories of faith, hope and charity to young people in schools across the diocese. In support of this, School Volunteer training will be taking place in the diocese over the coming weeks.

CAFOD is active in supporting schools across England and Wales. 

On 9 February and 23 March CAFOD will be hosting School Volunteer training in order to prepare our fantastic team of School Volunteers to go into Plymouth schools and spread the stories of the excellent work CAFOD does to fight poverty and injustice across the globe.

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Volunteering for CAFOD Plymouth

Damien Hopton in the Office

Here’s our Awesome Social Media/Give For Free Volunteer Damien Hopton who’s been helping us process our Give for Free donations and set up our social media for 2015 today.

Damien has been volunteering with us for over 8 years and has made a huge difference to CAFOD Plymouth’s work ,through which he’s made a mega difference to many lives around the world!

Why not join us and volunteer like Damien…

Could you help us with any of these voluntary roles ?

  • Deanery Area Coordinator (Torbay, North Devon, Mid/North-Dorset)
  • Parish Contact
  • Parish Group Team Member
  • Office Volunteer (our office next to Buckfast Abbey in Devon)
  • School Volunteer
  • Youth Volunteer
  • Campaign’s Volunteer
  • MP Correspondent
  • Media Volunteer
  • Social Media Volunteer
  • Event’s Volunteer

Contact us to find out more about volunteering with CAFOD:
Tel: 01364 645 440      or       Email: