Axminster Pupils Share The Power To Be

St Mary’s Catholic primary school in Axminster, invited 2 CAFOD Education Volunteers, Naomi and myself, Bea to come into the school to share CAFOD’s new campaign “Power to Be” with its wonderful pupils.

St Marys Pupils Shine During Workshop

We started the day with the “Power to Be” assembly, where a town in Kenya comes to life with the help of power supplied from solar panels. Not only is the town affected but the whole district too, with many opportunities provided by the electricity.

The assembly explained how children could now learn for longer thanks to new solar lights provided to them for study.  These are much better better than their old paraffin lamps which give off dangerous fumes.  In addition the community’s  medical centre now has power to keep vaccinations and medicines cool, so health is improved.   Also, a life giving solar pump for raising and storing water has enabled the market garden to flourish and become more productive. Diets and hygiene are improved thanks to this innovation.

The whole school looked at how important solar energy is for the peoples of the Global South. Not only does it impact on peoples’ lives, they can then begin to hope to achieve their dreams and have the “Power to Be”!

All the children and some staff wrote messages to the World Bank to say how important it is to invest in solar power for the Global South. The poster pictured is the result.

St Marys Power to Be poster

The older pupils also enjoyed the Unfair Football Game, and were able to empathise with our brothers and sisters in the fight against injustice.

“I think that in the Global South it is not always fair” wrote a pupil from Year 6. Another wrote, “I would recommend the CAFOD educational lesson (Workshop) to other schools” And best of all, “I really enjoyed it”

Wow. Well done all of you. Your poster is great.

Love and God Bless, Bea

We are sure that you are absolutely inspired by fantastic pupils of Christ The King, and want to take part in the campaign yourself. Click here to take actions online or view and order material to run your own campaign action in your community. 

Run For Women

Holy Cross Run For Women 2012 034The eight Plymouth Catholic schools consisting of two Secondary’s and six Primary’s, took part in the run on Friday June 22nd 2012.  In exchange for £1 each child and adult wore their sports kit to school to participate in the run.  The money raised contributed to CAFOD’s global work.  Seven of the eight schools taking part held their own on campus events, with St Joseph’s RC primary in Devonport holding their event at Brickfields Athletics Track which is perfectly situated next to the school.

All eight of the school’s who took part in the Run for Women were connected by two link runners, Mr Arran West from the Cathedral school, and Ms Leah Bartram from Holy Cross; who ran from school to school bringing with them messages from women around the world helped by CAFOD.

The event was coordinated across Plymouth Schools by Leah Bartram, Head of Learning at Holy Cross RC Primary.  Leah said:

Leah and Run For Women 2012

Leah and Run For Women 2012

“The equality of women globally is something I am extremely passionate about.  I

have always believed every woman have the right to be equal to every man. The Run for Women campaign through CAFOD is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of the inequalities women and girls still face across the world.  

On my run from school to school, I felt an enormous sense of pride that I was doing something for women globally.  While running between each school I spent time reflecting on my own history and the suffragettes that gave their lives for women’s equality.  I wanted to embrace the opportunity to do something I could feel with every bone in my body and do something for my sisters globally.

It was awesome arriving at each school watching the children, adults and parents running and for them knowing that as a group of people we were contributing and supporting women globally.”

St Paul's RC School St Budeaux getting stuck in to the  Run For Women 2012

St Paul’s RC School St Budeaux getting stuck in to the Run For Women 2012

In total around 2000 pupils, staff, governors and parents from all 8 schools took part in the Run for Women raising an amazing £1695.90.  All our thanks go to all those who took part in the Run for Women 2012!

Children at St. Joseph’s raise £434.89 for CAFOD.

Children at St. Joseph’s raise £434.89 for CAFOD.

The fundraising project was part of a school initiative in helping others, and work included finding out about Fair Trade. Each class decided how they should raise their money for the project.

Simon and children from St. Joseph’s with a £434.89 Cheque for CAFOD.

Simon and children from St. Joseph’s with a £434.89 Cheque for CAFOD.

For example, Class 5 baked their own bread and sold it to their school friends. Class 4 held their own school fair, and manned stalls which included face and nail painting, find the treasure and beat the goalie.

On Monday 6th June, Simon visited St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Exmouth and received a cheque for £434.89.

During the day, Simon worked with each class explaining the valuable work CAFOD carries out in developing countries.

This includes the contribution Fairtrade makes to communities around the world which CAFOD has been instrumental in developing.