Celebrating our volunteers at CAFOD – Fantastic Kevin Vickers

Kevin in the Office

Kevin in the office, transforming the world with his keyboard, love for his neighbours &big smile

Kevin was the former Band Master of the Royal Marine’s Band, Plymouth, serving numerous tours on the Royal Yacht Britannia, afterwards working in the Royal Naval Careers Service, becoming the South West Peninsula Recruitment Manager. In Total Kevin served 41 years for the Royal Navy. Following this he became the manager of the Plymouth Driving Test Theory Test Centre for 15 Years.

After his retirement Kevin joined us as Parish Volunteer for South Brent and Buckfast Abbey in 2010 and has tirelessly worked for CAFOD’s Plymouth Office since 2013. Kevin is a key member of our team, each week Kevin supports the CAFOD team in the Diocese of Plymouth by meticulously updating CAFOD’s database, Activity Log and contributing to the day to day tasks of running the office.

Kevin said “Its great to put my faith into action alongside the CAFOD Plymouth team and our terrific partners. I really feel like I’m making a real difference to the lives of the poorest people in the world and to CAFOD’s work in the Diocese of Plymouth”.

Kevin is such a pleasure to work with and his commitment to CAFOD’s work and his dependability are truly inspiring!

Thank you Kevin, you are fantastic! – Your amazing service and volunteering enables CAFOD’s work in the Diocese of Plymouth to continue to have a huge impact, and enables our sisters and brothers around the world to truly flourish.

CAFOD searching for volunteers to bring message of social justice to next generation

School volunteering.

CAFOD works in schools across the Diocese of Plymouth.

CAFOD is seeking to recruit enthusiastic School Volunteers in Plymouth who are passionate about telling our stories of faith, hope and charity to young people in schools across the diocese. In support of this, School Volunteer training will be taking place in the diocese over the coming weeks.

CAFOD is active in supporting schools across England and Wales. 

On 9 February and 23 March CAFOD will be hosting School Volunteer training in order to prepare our fantastic team of School Volunteers to go into Plymouth schools and spread the stories of the excellent work CAFOD does to fight poverty and injustice across the globe.

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My experiences as an Office Volunteer

james ronan3Yesterday, James Ronan, told us about his reasons for volunteering and his first day in the office. Today, he tells us about how he was inspired and the fun times in the office

There was plenty of creativity and as a result every day that I went to work I felt inspired. Every day was different and there wasn’t really a typical average day as I was always being asked to do different things. Within the team and the office there was a deep sense of responsibility to make a positive difference to the lives of our poor brothers and sisters throughout the world and solidarity with those that CAFOD works to help. We would say the Angulus together every day at 12pm and also attend mass downstairs whenever a priest was available.

I do remember though as a group we did have a lot of funny things happen to us. It was Lindsey’s birthday and Simon had sent an email round to everyone in St Boniface House to sign a card for her. Unbeknown to Simon, Lindsey had also received the email! So, she wasn’t really surprised when we sneakily tried to arrange to sign the card away from her.

One Climate One World Me

At the One Climate, One World Campaign

One time we found a sleeping Bat in the downstairs toilet (which was thankfully removed). I was also told never to go upstairs into the loft as we had a resident Barn Owl and it was not to be disturbed. The fire brigade also turned up one day when I was working with Simon and Damien. One of the cleaners had set the fire alarm off by accident and we were the only ones left, this resulted in us all evacuating and coming outside to see the fire brigade ready to storm the building!

There were a lot of funny situations that occurred throughout my year working in the CAFOD Plymouth Office. I really enjoyed working in the CAFOD Plymouth office that year as it was Lindsey Carters final year as a paid member of staff and the office itself was being prepared to be moved (now located at Cobourg House in Plymouth).

The CAFOD Plymouth team were very appreciative of the difference I made and I was happy to have helped. I gained a lot of useful experience and have a lot of fond memories of my time there. I would like to thank Simon Giarchi and Lindsey Carter for all their support and for inspiring me on in the next stage of my life.

Each year, thousands of young people discover the work of CAFOD and are inspired to be the change they want to see in their communities. 

Young people are the future and we would love to hear about what young people in your area are doing for CAFOD and if you have have been inspired to volunteer with CAFOD or would like to know more; contact plymouth@cafod.org.uk